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Welcome to swap-that!

This platform allows you to easily and safely carry out Trading.

Swap-that is the only parcel middleman and escrow service in Europe that allows safety for all forms of trading, such as trading video games, steel book cases, movie props, comic books, coins, computer hardware and much more.

You just sign up, fill in your exchange form and send your barter article to our escrow agency. We will check the item you are supposed to receive from your trading partner and, in case of any doubt, inform you accordingly. We will only send your article to its destination address if everything is safe.

Please inform yourself about our middleman service, our terms and conditions and our charges at swap-that.




Swap-that is an European parcel middleman service between two parties. After both partners have submitted the exchange form, they both receive the address of our escrow agency in Leipzig, Germany.

Once we have received both packages, they are carefully opened and in all conscience analyzed whether their content conforms with the description made in the exchange form. In case of the slightest deviation we will inform both trade partners. We may also take photos of the items and send them to the partners if they desire.

In case that one partner decides to cancel the trade, as there are flaws or some inconsistencies, he is now able to do so. Both barter objects will be carefully packed up again and sent back to their original address.

In case that no partner has any objections, the trade objects are sent to their respective destination address and both trade partners can be certain to receive the items that have been stipulated in the exchange form.

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We are a young and dynamic team from Leipzig allowing everyone to trade all kinds of items safely by using our parcel middleman service swap-that.

In the context of an increasing globalisation, security becomes more and more important for internet users. Until today, there exists no generic solution to safely conduct bartering without any risks for the participants. In case of deception, legal actions are usually tedious and time-consuming, and usually without any success.

Swap-that is the only escrow and parcel middleman service in Europe and focuses on safe and easy trading of all sorts of goods. We are the link and mediator between two trading partners. We check the bartering objects at hand and inform the partners in case of doubts or inconsistencies. Cases of empty packages, damaged items or incorrect articles are, thus, effectively prevented.

Using swap-that as a middleman, you get rid of any risk for bartering items, whether they are video games, coin collections, expensive computer hardware or valuable movie props.